The life of a Millington Diamond engine begins as a batch of a few castings from Grainger and Worrell, a local Bridgnorth based foundry, known as one of Europe's leading rapid prototyping and low volume casting companies.

Each casting is x-rayed and given a certificate before arriving at Millingtons.

The Engine block casting is mounted onto a Cincinnati Arrow 1250C four-axis CNC machine and located on to the bespoke jigs and fixings, so that the two ends can be machined. The Bores are centred to specification, and unique reference numbers are engraved on the front of the block. This step takes around 25 minutes once on the machine.




The oil galleries are then drilled, and the oil and water jackets are pressure tested. The block is then transferred on to the other CNC machine. Once jigged on to the Cincinnati Arrow 1000, the two sides, the top and the bottom are machined. The Main bearing surfaces are roughed out to within 15thou (0.38mm) and the bores are machined to the smallest size to be used. The oil galleries are once again pressure tested and once passed, and the block is put into stock. This process takes about an hour and 10 minutes.

The head is machined in a similar way with the combustion chamber machined to a finished pattern and valve seats cut. The Inlet ports are machined and the carrier for the roller barrels bored out. The cam cover casting is powder coated and machined ready for assembly.

The block and sump are then clamped together, line bored, line honed, numbered and split again ready for the liners to be fitted.

The block is heated to the correct temperature before pressing the special Millington liners in place. This gives the added benefits of straight forward re-linering in future.
Like a lot other high quality British manufactures, all these processes have to be done in house to ensure absolute quality control. The liners are then machined to the desired bore size, honed and then the blocks top face machined. Once a number of other special milling procedures are done the block is washed, checked and ready for use.

The Millington inlet manifold is machined, along with a range of bespoke high quality components all designed and machined in-house.

The machined castings are again checked, cleaned and eventually assembled with Millingtons self designed internals.

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