Coming soon.. Ford Fiesta S2500 Millington

A Conversion has been developed to fit a 2.5 litre Millington DSII+ engine into a Ford Fiesta S2000 rally car.


New Inlet 'improved torque' DSII+ manifold released for optional update.


As of April 2014 every customer that buys a new Millington engine will recieve 10 Litres of high quality Ravenol engine oil with the overall engine package. Ravenol RSE is the engine oil recommended by Millingtons to use in Millington engines and can be bought in the UK, Ireland, Europe and other continants.

Here are the specifications of the Oil:

Parameter Unit of measure Data Test method
Color   3,5  
Density (at 15°C) g/ml 0.857 DIN 51757
Viscosity (at -25°C) mPa.s   DIN 51377
Viscosity (at 40°C) mm2/s 130 DIN 51562
Viscosity (at 100°C) mm2/s 18.4 DIN 51562
VI   160 DIN ISO 2909
Flash point (COC) °C 204 DIN ISO 2592
Pour °C 0 DIN ISO 3016
TBN mg KOH/g 7.5 DIN ISO 3771
Sulphated ash % 0.92 DIN 51 575




will be exibiting 3 engines at the Autosport International show at the NEC in Birmingham between the 9th of January and the 12th of January. On the ITG stand will be a 2.5 litre engine, last used by the late Colin McRae in his R4 Rally car. On the Den Motorsports stand will be a Millington Diamond Series 2 and a new Millington Diamond Series 2+.


In 2013, the Millington RWD Challenge had a total of 51 Competitors from all around the UK. A total of 20 Ford Escorts, 6 Darrians, 3 BMWs, 1 Lotus Elise, 1 Focus STI and a Toyota Corolla.  
For 2014 we hope to encourage more entrys into the RWD Challenge. Some competitors from 2013 were not able to collect their awards at the presentation evening. If you were placed up to 8th postion, driver or co-driver, and have not received your award, your trophy is at our premises. Contact us for details. 

We have added a Chrismas advert in Pacenotes Magazine's 'Xmas' edition, congratulating our customers on their success in 2013.


The 2013 Millington RWD Challenge Drivers Championship Winner is Simon Mauger in his Ford Escort MKII.
Brian Cammack has won the Co-Drivers REIS Get Connected MSA British Asphalt Championship and the Millington RWD Challenge Co-Drivers Championship.
So congratulations to Major Motorsport   - 

Runners up in second place are John Indri in his yellow Darrian in the drivers Championship and Mark Mason in the BMW M3 driven by Richard Felgate.  


Congratulations to Olly Mellors and Reg Smith, 1st O/A on the the MEM Malton Forrest Rally 2013 in the Millington Proton Satria.

Also to Damian Cole and Beckie Cole for winning the Builth Show ground Stages in the Escort MK2.

Well Done to Roger Moran / Joy Hoyle (Escort MK2 2500) , 3rd O/A on the Glyn Memorial Trophy Rally. Will Owen / Rob Hopewell (Escort MK2 2500) 7nd O/A


Elliott Motorsport are fitting Millington Diamond Series II+ engines into their immaculately prepared Proton Satria Neo Super 2000 rally cars. These cars will be for available in the near future.

Enquires to MEM on 01629814644  


The first Round of the REIS Get Connected MSA Asphalt Championship at Epynt saw 26 entrys in to the Millington Rear Wheel Drive Challenge with the top 10 results as follows:

1st  (4th o/a)  Simon Mauger/Brian Cammack  Ford Escort MKII
2nd (5th o/a) John Indri/Joe Cruttenden  Darrian T90 GTR
3rd (6th o/a) Washington James/Paul Williams  Darrian T90 GTR
4th (20th o/a) Graham Hollis/Alan Jones    Ford Escort MkII
5th (24th o/a) Richard Felgate/Mark Mason   BMW M3
6th (28th o/a) Roger Hicks/Ian Taylor   Ford Escort MkII
7th (33rd o/a) Geoff Roberts/Arwel Jenkins    Ford Escort
8th (37th o/a) Martin Hodgson/Tony Jones   Ford Escort MkII
9th (38th o/a) Pete Rayner/Mark Crisp  Ford Escort MkII
10th (39th o/a) Lyndon Barton/John Vance Escort MKII
11th (40th o/a) Andy Fraser/Terry Martin Darian T9
12th (42nd o/a) Brian Davis/Ian Davies Ford Escort MKII


Following recent successful tests we've decided to
continue using Ravenol Oil for all of our
dynotesting, not just for 'back to
back' performance testing comparing against other oils but for all of our engine testing and devolopment.  

We are also currently performing consecutive tests using Fully Synthetic Ravenol 10W-60 RSS (Racing Sport Synto) against Ravenol 10W-50 RSE (Racing Sport Ester) as a straight performance comparison.

For all of our dyno testing as of now we are using a semi-synthetic 15W-50 RFS (Racing Formel Sport) oil until futher tests with other oil consistencys from Ravenol oil are complete.


This week we have been testing a batch of Ravenol RFS Racing Formel Sport oil, against our standard conventional testing oil. So far we have been quite satisfied with the performance.
We are now taking part in a long term friction test program over the next 12 monthes with some Ravenol 15W-50 Semi Synthetic in a Diamond Series 2.

When the engine is due for its rebuild, we will perform a full analysis of the wearing componants in the engine and compare to simular spec Diamond Series II's using a our typical recomended oil.


The 2013 Autosport Show went very well with an estimated 82,000 visitors from over 50 countrys.                
Special thanks to John Indri Rally Team, Major Motorsport, Phil Collins Rallying, and Andrew Hornshaw and the team. Millington Racing Engines claimed the award for the best stand in the Hisoric hall. 


During the year Dennis Marshall (Marshall Cooke, American Le-man series competitor in 2002/3) has successfully created a Metro 6R4 conversion for the Millington Diamond engine (now badged as a Metro 4M4) and is currently manufacturing cars that will be available for hire in 2013. With a successful shake down rally in November under it's belt, an entry has been secured for John Indri to drive the same car at Brands on 12th January. The project is gaining momentum all the time with a third Millington engine being dispatched very shortly which will be coupled to a third generation sequential gearbox. The conversion involves a complex steel bracket which retains the 6R4 rear diff in it's original position. To complete the conversion a host of unique design features enhance the complete car whilst keeping it's iconic looks and original chassis...


2012 Banna Stages Overall win for James Stafford in his Darrian T90 GTR with co-driver Amy Ryan.

Congratulations to Kevin and Charles Tappin for winning the 2012 Millington Escort Challenge Championship 
 and John Indri and his various navigators winning the Millington Darrian Challenge Championship. Hope to see you next year!


Next seasons REIS Get Connected MSA Asphalt Championship, which includes the Millington Challenge,
will be ever more exciting as 2010,2011 and 2012 champion Damian Cole will be using a MK2 Escort instead of his four wheel drive WRC Ford Focus, mixing it up with the 2WD competitors. The state of the art Escort is being prepared at Phil Mill's Viking Motorsport and will be running the lastest spec 2.5 Litre Diamond Series II.


Congratulations to Ian Rochelle and Co-driver Chris Hammond in winning the 2012 Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship title at the final round this weekend(14/10/2012) at Walters Arena. Ian uses a 2.7 Litre Diamond Series II in his Millington Phoenix and also claimed the 2011 championship title.


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