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Engine Rebuilds

Engine rebuilds have always been a large sector of the Millington company, originally ranging from large agricultural units some 40 years ago to some of the most diverse competition engines in motorsport.

Whether it has been Ford, Lotus or Vauxhall, historic or current, high quality and attention to detail has always been one of the key elements to ensure the reliability and performance of the engines built here at Millingtons. 

With Millington's extensive knowledge of race and rally engines we provide a rebuild and update service of only the highest quality.

As the Diamond Series engine is always in development, every engine rebuilt and dyno tested is updated to the latest spec, depending on customer requirements, not only improving the overall performance, but actually raising the resale value of the engine considerably.

Millington's also keep records of every engine built.

Millingtons cannot assure the reliability of Diamond engines once rebuilt by 'outside engine refubishers'.
Millingtons have no 'officially' approved 'outside engine reconditioners'.

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