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Pre-Owned Engines

Millington's will often buy back used 'Diamond Series' engines, so to recondition, then reintroduce into motorsport circles once again.

If your interested in pre-owned engines , keep checking this page or get in contact.

Millington Diamond Series 1 2.5L


  • 2.5L 
  • Weight 83KG (undressed)
  • Power approx. 285- 310 BHP (depending on rolling road/installation)
  • Torque 232-245 lb-ft (depending on rolling road/installation)
  • Maximum Rpm : 8500
  • Fuel: Shell V-Power 99 RON or higher.
  • Induction: NA Twin Weber carburetor 48mm including Air filters
  • Includes: complete engine, flywheel,fuel pressure regulator, 2x throttle cables, distributor, air filters and water temp sensor.
  • No alternator Kit, no starter (starter is the bell housing mounted type) or exhaust manifold.

This engine was originally one of the 22 engines supplied and fitted

in Tom Wheatcrofts 'Formula Classic' race cars in the mid to late 90s.

The package would suit someone wanting a minimal or basic

engine install as this engine requires no ecu, no high pressure fuel pumps or

large wiring harness to run it.

The engine was been used for a very short amount of time, dry stored

and then fully fully rebuilt (1st rebuild from new) by Millingtons in 2022.

The engine is fully documented in Millington Racing engines archives,

zero houred and is ready to go.

This engine can be viewed prior to appointment and is currently dry stored.  



NOTE: Includes no exhaust manifold, starter or alternator Kit.

Advert posted 24/10/2022

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